Bram Kuypers


Sound recorder, powerbank, usb-cable, and wood in a box + Deutsche post Paketversand.

25 x 20 x 30 cm & variable kilometres of travel,


Travelogue is an experiment to explore a world that mostly remains unknown. A sound recorder - that has

been primitively modified to operate for a couple of days, is stored in a box and send from the artists’ place of

residency to the project space. The recording is started just before the box get closed – and ended right after

it has been delivered. In between, a record is created that gives an impression of the travel the package



Although the device gives an impression of the travel it made, we should be aware that it functions as a

perceiving satellite in it self. In a certain way it is an extended prosthesis-device for perception that attained its

own autonomy, while exploring unknown environments. The device tells about these environments, but shows

nothing more than it was able to record.




This project is support by the Heij-Konijn fonds in Arnhem.

Built with Berta