Bram Kuypers

1. Pole at abandoned tennis court in forrest near highway

I climbed a fence to shoot a pole in a field, then climb out and move the pole, to climb

back again in the fence to find the right frame for shooting again.

Waiting room: a space to wait, waiting for space   2012

Selected photo registrations as a results of derrives through landscape.

- During these derrives ideas about the death of beloved ones was

a strong guidance.

3. Bricks at pool of water near industrial site along river

I had to throw a stone while making a picture and then click at the exact moment the

stone hit the water. Then continued doing this.

2. Lost umbrella underneath railway bridge over river 

I'd put my camera on top of a 2,5 meter high wall, then use the self shutter and jump

off the wall, to throw an umbrella in the frame at exact the right moment.

Then did it again, and again.

Built with Berta