How to write a research paper outline

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Writing the report by yourself,study the topic, collect materials, make up the text. Do not take ready-made reports, even if paper writer see good options on your topic. Most likely, your teacher will quickly discover plagiarism, and you will not get any benefit from the work, you will not master useful skills, you will not understand a topic that may be useful to you. It is always difficult to answer questions when the report is written by someone else.

Allow enough time to research the topic. Of course, the report differs from the scientific work, the course, but in it you need to demonstrate your own approach, to add a personal opinion about the problem. Work according to the plan: think about the topic, understand the difficult questions for you, identify the range of basic problems. After viewing different sources, select 3-5 basic ones so that they do not get confused in the materials, remember them well and do not deviate from the specified direction. Highlight the most important thing about your topic, revealing it, in every source. Make a plan and only after that start writing the text of the report.

After preparing the draft version of the report, carefully check it from the point of view. Note that you need to perform several tasks:

Understand the topic yourself.

Show the teacher that you really are guided in the topic and understand what you are talking about.

To tell everything is accessible and understandable, to convey the essence of the report, its content to the entire audience, including to your classmates (classmates) who heard this information for the first time.

A good way to correctly present the material is to separate the text of the report and the speech. It is advisable to make it more concise that it takes 4-5 pages (unless the teacher has set other standards). Then it will be well received, and everything else you can tell, answering the questions of the teacher. Please note that if you do not read all the material at once, you have the opportunity to respond well to additional questions. At the same time, remember that it is important to fully disclose the topic in speech, without missing key points, concepts, otherwise it will be incomplete. Write a speech on a piece of paper or print it to you, most likely, you can take with you to defend the report.