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Essays – a college essay prompts genre, which is based on associative thinking. The essay includes a free consistency expressing special impressions concerning a particular subject. This genre is especially popular recently. For example, buy essay at the time of admission to a university or other institution, as well as employment, the essay is a component of a common package of documents.

Writing an essay is extremely useful, so everyone should know how to do it.

Writing an essay can begin with any quote, a rhetorical question, a problematic issue, a typical situation, general info about the problem disclosed in, references to the opinion of an authoritative source, the creation of a special emotional mood, appeal to specific facts of the biography of the author described, etc. In the introduction it is necessary to formulate the problem to the reader.

Don’t afraid use the word “question” or “problem” in the text. The problem should cover entirely the material considered in the work. Posing the problem, you can use the most common cliche phrases: the text raises…, the author raises…, etc.

Next, paper writer need to reveal the position of the author. It can be explicit and hidden.

The penultimate stage is the description of consent or disagreement with the author’s opinion. His point of view should be argued.

Finally, a conclusion. Here it is necessary to sum up the whole essay, summarize what was written and draw the corresponding conclusions.

To improve the overall appearance of youressay, you can use subtitles. This will allow readers to better perceive the text and trace its general logic.

Take note to the volume of the essay. It should occupy no more than seven pages of printed text. Specifically, formulate the theme of the work. The essay answers only one question. Emphasize the trusting style of communication with the reader. Let the narration be at ease. Avoid complicated sentences and obscure utterances.

Try to surprise the reader by reflecting on some aphoristic statement. Don’t use in the essay slang, cuts and frivolous tones. At the same time, don’t use intricate phrases to make the text understandable to any reader.